Ten Flashes of Light for the Journey of Life

Ten Flashes of Light for the Journey of Life

·       To be successful with school and workplace politics: decide after careful consideration who to trust. Then trust with caution and consistently verify.

·       Respect all, love all, yet remember trust is earned, not given away to the undeserving.

·       Once burned, we learn. If we do not learn, we only assure ourselves that we will be burned again and again and again until …we learn.

·       “To err is human” is a common expression, yet we should not believe there is always room for error. In some cases there is no room for error.None.

·       When a person exposes their true self to you, embrace the action and treat it as a gift.

·       Betrayal is based on intent. A true friend will never betray you; a betrayer can never be a true friend.

·       When the relationship/journey is over, it’s over. Look towards the future. A new one will begin.

·       Living life can be likened to a marathon. Finish the race; don’t worry about coming in first place. Cross the finish line. Just finish the race. Finish what you start.

·       Intimate relationships should be treated like shoes at a department store; they should be placed on and discarded until there is a right fit.

·       A wise person learns from his/her mistakes, makes corrections and finds the right path; the foolish one will continue without direction, never finding the road even when it is in front of his/her face.