10 Objectives For Therapy

  1. Stay focused on one issue at a time. Learn to focus on self.
  2. Understand why or what causes you to become depressed.
  3. Learn the true meaning of self-care, self-validation, and self worth.
  4. Learn how to be an advocate for self. Learn how to become the priority in your life.
  5. Understand why you jump into relationships so soon. Explore the need/desire to be in a relationship.
  6. Learn to slow down, date, and work at developing meaningful intimate relationships.
  7. Understand the basis of the decisions you have made in past relationships.
  8. Learn to listen to yourself,  and get out of toxic relationships early rather than waiting too late.
  9. Learn to accept your  faults and accept that you do not have to be “exactly right” all the time!
  10. Figure out what you want in terms of a career that you can enjoy and is what you want to do.

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